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"I want this theatre to have the security of an endowment so that we may continue to engage and inspire audiences for generations to come."
- Craig Noel

The Craig Noel League was established in November 2000 to build the endowment and secure the legacy that Craig Noel and countless others fashioned for The Old Globe. The League honors those thoughtful friends who help to secure our future through a gift by will or trust. Please join us in thanking these very generous friends who are helping to build a strong future for The Old Globe for years to come!

Craig Noel Legacy Society Members

  • Bobbie Ball
  • Jan Bart
  • Nancine Belfiore
  • Alan Benaroya
  • Barbara Bolt
  • Nancy Brock
  • Robert and Pamela Brooks
  • Ronald Brown
  • Dr. and Mrs. Edgar D. Canada
  • Sandra and Harry Carter
  • Jean Cheng
  • Doris and Wayne Christopher
  • Garet and Wendy Clark
  • Nikki and Ben Clay
  • Joseph J. Cohen and Martha P. Farish
  • R. Patrick & Sharon Connell
  • Jane Cowgill
  • Gigi Cramer
  • Patricia W. Crigler. Ph.D., CAPT, USN (Ret.)
  • Carlos and Patricia Cuellar
  • Elaine and Dave Darwin
  • Ann Davies
  • Darlene Gould Davies
  • Carolyn S. DeMar
  • Douglas Druley
  • Dr. Bernard Eggertsen and Florence Nemkov
  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert* Epsten
  • Robert and Stacey Foxworth
  • Judith and Dr. William Friedel
  • Frank A. Frye, III
  • Hal and Pam Fuson
  • Alan Gary and Joanee Udelf
  • Nancy Reed Gibson
  • Robert Gleason and Marc Matys
  • Cathryn Golden
  • Marcy Goldstone
  • Carol and Don* Green
  • Betsy Hamblin
  • Bernard* and June Harland
  • David and Debbie Hawkins
  • Liz and Gary Helming
  • Char and Mike Hersh
  • Jill Denison Holmes
  • Jeff and Thao Hughes
  • Craig and Mary Hunter
  • Robert Kilian and Kathleen Slayton
  • Grace Johnston*
  • Robert* and Gladys H. King Family Trust
  • Marilyn Kneeland
  • Jean* and David Laing
  • James and Janice LaGrone
  • Dr. Ronald and Mrs. Ruth W. Leonardi
  • Peter and Michelle Landin
  • Jerry Lester Foundation
  • Robin J. Lipman
  • Ellie Lynch and Patrick Harrison
  • Heather Manion
  • Peggy Matthews*
  • Judith Menzel
  • Chris and Jill Metcalf
  • Paul I. and Margaret W. Meyer
  • Paul Miller Charitable Remainder Unitrust
  • Steve Miller
  • Shirley Mulcahy
  • Laurie Dale Munday
  • Michael G. Murphy
  • Stanley Nadel and Cecilia Carrick
  • Harvey* and Marsha Netzer
  • Arthur and Marilyn Neumann
  • Ronald J. Newell
  • Greg and Polly Noel
  • PACEM (Pacific Academy of Ecclesiastical Music)
  • Gloria Rasmussen
  • Sarah B. Marsh-Rebelo and John Rebelo
  • Jeannie and Arthur Rivkin
  • Esther Rodriguez
  • Beverly and Warren Sanborn
  • Bruce Sherman
  • Darlene Marcos Shiley
  • Patsy and Forrest* Shumway
  • B. Sy* and Ruth Ann Silver
  • Dee E. Silver, M.D.
  • Stephen M. Silverman
  • Roberta Simpson
  • Dolores and Rod Smith
  • Marisa SorBello and Peter Czipott
  • Nancy A. Spector and Alan R. Spector
  • Jeanette Stevens
  • Peter Stovin and Marilyn Johns
  • Miriam Summ
  • Eric Leighton Swenson
  • Anne C. Taubman
  • Randy Tidmore
  • Cherie Halladay Tirschwell
  • Evelyn Mack Truitt
  • Suzanne Poet Turner and Michael T. Turner
  • Ginny Unanue
  • Pamela J. Wagner
  • Jordine Von Wantoch
  • Lian Von Wantoch
  • Peggy Ann Wallace
  • Holly J.B. Ward
  • Sarah Woodruff Watkins
  • Joy and Stephen Weiss
  • Judith Wenker
  • Lynne Dunaho Wheeler
  • Sheryl and Harvey P. White
  • Mrs. Jack Galen Whitney
  • Julie Meier Wright
  • Carolyn Yorston-Wellcome
  • Anonymous (25)

* In Memoriam

This list is current as of July 20, 2018

Membership Benefits

$1,000 to $99,999

  • With your permission, listing in Performances Magazine.
  • Invitation to the Annual Meeting, held in February of each year.
  • Invitation to the hosted Craig Noel League Annual Holiday Luncheon.
  • Priority registration to The Old Globe’s exclusive annual Theatre Trips to London or New York City with other theatre-lovers.
  • Complimentary backstage tours of the theatre complex.
  • Invitation to attend a technical rehearsal of a selected theatre production, as available.
  • Invitations to Opening Night receptions, dinners, and special events.
  • Invitations to “Food for Thought,” a series of no-host lunches with various Old Globe artists. 

$100,000 – $499,999

All of the above, plus

  • Complimentary venue rental at The Old Globe for a pre or post-show reception or dinner. Space and Event Coordinator hosted by the Globe, event costs hosted by the donor. Subject to availability.
  • VIP Seats available for purchase to MFA Graduate Productions at The Old Globe.
  • Invitation to “Meet the Artist” event informative presentations with Actors and Directors.

$500,000 – $999,999

All of the above, plus

  • Lifetime use of the VIP Lipinsky Family Suite before and during theatre performances.
  • Receive a lifetime benefit of complimentary VIP Valet Parking for one performance of each production for patrons 75 years of age or older.
  • Recognition on the Globe theatre donor wall. 

$1,000,000 and above

All of the above, plus

  • A private dinner with the Artistic Director or Managing Director of The Old Globe.

Craig Noel Legacy Society Committee, 2016

Co-Chairs: Jordine Von Wantoch & Associate Artist Robert Foxworth

Committee Members

  • Joseph Cohen
  • Silvija Devine
  • Kathy Hattox
  • Patricia Hodgkin
  • Daphne Jameson
  • Evelyn Truitt
  • Pamela Wagner
  • Karin Winner